Too faced Sweet Peach Glow: Is it worth the hype?


Needless to say, the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection, that launched  after the overwhelming popularity of the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette is one of the most talked about collections in high-end makeup. The enchanting and adorable packaging of the products that all coordinate and form a beautiful, cohesive collection immediately steals your heart no matter f you see them online or in stores. The collection consists of the cult favourite eyeshadow palette, the glow kit, a blush and 8 oil lip glosses. After hours of drooling over the collection on Instagram and an impressive Pro and Con list I decided to try with the Sweet Peach Glow Kit from the collection. But is the actual product worth all this hype or not?


The packaging is typical Too Faced, a beautiful tin with magnetic closure and a nice mirror on the inside. The palette consists of three individual pans, a smaller highlight and bronzer and a large blush in the middle. Each pan has an incredibly detailed, peach print pressed into the powders that adds even more cuteness to the packaging. Not only is the product eye-candy but it also appeals to our other senses since the palette and the products are infused with ‘the juicy scent and skin-loving essence of peach’, which let me tell you is incredible. I catch myself randomly smelling the palette throughout the day just because it’s such a delicious, sweet, spring scent. The palette contains a total 11.5g of product and retails for $42. Lastly the box includes a helpful little manual that shows three different way you can use and place the three powders on your cheecks.


Let’s start with the largest pan; the blush.  Surprise surprise, the blush has an iridescent peach colour that will give the apples of your cheek a nice sheen and a natural flush that is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. The consistency blush is smooth, contains no glitter and isn’t overly pigmented which is an advantage for blushes as you won’t go overboard with the first swipe. I’ve never been a blush girl but since purchasing this product my cheeks are alive and ready for the sunshine!

The texture of the bronzer is very similar, it also has a natural sheen, no glitter but not overly shiny. Its buttery to the touch and has the same sheer pigmentation as the blush which you can easily build to your desired intensity without any patchiness or uneven pigmentation. I love using this bronzer not only around my cheekbones but to bronze up the perimeter of my face and create a tan, sun kissed look. Even though I’ve always preferred a matte bronzer, I surprisingly love this product just like I love the blush.

And last but not least, the highlighter. Now, unlike the other two this is highly pigmented, very reflective powder that transform your cheekbones into a peachy almost wet, dewy look that can be built up form subtle to blinding if you wish. The undertone of the highlight is obviously peachy but the only possible drawback is that it’s a little too dark for the very fair ladies, but it works beautifully on my light/medium skin tone.

Overall, I have no complaints about this kit since I am in love with the way these three products look combined. I thought wearing a luminous blush, bronzer and highlight all at once would be way too much shine, but I was wrong! These powders have the perfect amount of luminosity and will give your face a beautiful, fresh look that is stunning for spring and summer. I have no regrets for purchasing this product and I must say, YES this product is definitely worth the hype. I’m in love! Have you tried anything form the Sweet Peach collection? Let me know what you think. :*


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