All that glitters! Glittery products from NYX!


As I took one look at the three products I managed to secure on my latest trip to the NYX store, I realised that they all had one thing in common: glitter, glitter and even more glitter. After making this profound conclusion I thought; why shouldn’t I review these products all in one dazzling post? So ladies and gentlemen, the protagonists of today’s post are the Ultimate Multi Finish Shadow Palette, the Face and Body Glitter and last but certainly not least the Liquid Suede Metallica Matte liquid lipstick.

NYX Face and Body Glitter: 08 Bronze (1,999HUF)


I’ve used pigments several times, I have dozens of shimmery shadows but never have I worked with loose glitters! The thought of finally buying one was in my head for months, no matter the brand, I just needed to try one, and I finally caved in! I chose the shade 08 Bronze as it is no question that the most used colours on my lids are bronze and gold and this one seemed like a perfect mix of both. Using the glitter way easier than I anticipated, I used the NYX glitter primer as a base and I packed the glitter on my tacky lids using patting motions and a flat synthetic brush. That’s all. Full coverage, minimal fall-out, mesmerizing shine! No matter what kind of glitter you use, don’t forget to do your eye makeup first so you can wipe away any fall out before foundation. I am totally satisfied with this product, I love it’s colour and reflectiveness, it’s easy to use, the glitter is not too chunky, and I already know I will be using it on formal events, parties, Christmas or New Years Eve!

NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte: 30 Belle (2,699HUF)


Metallic lips have been an ongoing trend for the past year, yet I have never tried a metallic liquid lipstick before buying one of the new metallic liquid suede lipsticks. Even though I was always tempted to buy a bronzy metallic lip, I feel that the risk of it not suiting your skin tone is higher with these golden, bronzy colours so I opted for a safer choice; a burgundy fuchsia. The formula is highly reflective and incredibly pigmented, you can achieve full coverage with one swipe. In my opinion metallic lipsticks give you the shine of a lip-gloss but the longevity of matte lipsticks as it dries down completely, which I personally love. I would wear this lipstick to parties, festivals and events paired with a matte eye look. I am completely satisfied with the colour, formula and finish and will definitely be trying more colours from the range.


NYX Ultimate Multi Finish Shadow Palette: 08 Warm Rust (6,499HUF)


So heres’s the concept: 4 colours, three finishes; matte, shimmer, glitter and a total of 12 eyeshadows! The concept is brilliant! Have you ever had an eyeshadow colour you loved so much but wished you could have it in different finishes? Well I have, and this palette satisfies my needs for that. The arrangement of the palette allows you to create numerous looks easily using an entire row or column or mixing the shades as you wish. Warm Rust has classic columns like gold and bronze, suitable for everyday looks but also trendy columns, fitted to both summer and autumn like an orange and burgundy colour family. The palette is available in three other shades, another more neutral one, a bright and bold one and a colourful smoky palette.

The matte row:


This row is the most consistent. All the 4 shads are super creamy and PIGMENTED. The formula is very even, I haven’t experienced any patchiness with any of the shades and on top of that they blend like a dream. No complaints!

The shimmer row:


A slighty more inconsistent row than the matte one but none of the shades are bad by all means. Eventhough very shade is highly pigmented the bronze and burgundy seem to have an extra kick in them and are truly STUNNING. The formula is nice, highly reflective, smooth and metallic if you apply them with a wet brush. They are all beautiful as lid shades, love them.

The glitter row:


The third and last row is the glitter row, or as I like to think of it; the top coat row. These gliterry eyeshadows (except the bronze one) have a thinner, less opaque formula then the row above and therefore are perfect to layer on top of either mattes or shimmers to add a little gliterry umph to the finish. I enjoy all the glittery shads except the last one, the bronze one because it has almost no glitter in it for some strange reason, and looks almost identical to the shimmery version. But other than that, another great row.

Overall, I am so happy with all the products I recently purchased from NYX and highly recommend you give these products a go. They are all worth their price tag especially if you think you will get a lot of use out of these colours. I hope this review was helpful and let me know what other NYX products you would like to read about!




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