5 primers you need in your makeup collection!

In this weeks blog post I want to share my top 5 primers with you that I use almost everyday, all for a different purpose. Primers aren’t the most popular beauty items to talk about or to buy as they are nowhere as exciting as an eyeshadow palette or a beautiful lipstick, however they are vital in improving the overall longevity and appearance of your makeup.


Primers can be found in many forms; liquids, creams, gels or sprays and the varying textures can be all used in different ways throughout your makeup routine and not necessarily before foundation. If you have been neglecting primers or belittling their effects, then this is your time to start! You won’t regret it.

1.Mac Prep and Prime Fix +

Fix+ is an iconic cult favourite, worshiped by thousands of makeup artists and influencers as well and consumers. But why is that? I think the answers lie in it’s versatility. Fix+ can be used in countless ways starting as a primer spray before foundation, as a finishing spray to melt all the layers of powders together and gives your skin and dewy finish but my favorite way of using it is with eyeshadows. By spraying Fix+ on your eyeshadow brush, your eyeshadows will become significantly more pigmented, metallic and reflective, which can make a huge difference in your makeup look. Using a brush moistened with fix+ is also one of the best ways to apply loose pigments, as the Fix+ will be the mixing medium that transforms the pigment into a cream eyeshadow that will apply beautifully to your eyelids. The Mac Fix+ can be purchased as a full size or in a travel size, but if you are interested in trying the product you should definitely buy it now a the summer fruity juicy collection has a beautifully bottle of Fix+ in limited edition packaging.

Price: 5700Ft Order here

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

While the Mac Fix+ has been a long time favourite, the Smashbox photo finish primer water has only become a part of my everyday makeup routine in the past couple of months, but nevertheless it’s here to stay! This Smashbox spray has similar purposes and uses as the Fix+ but I like using it as an all over face primer, after moisturizer an before foundation, because I find that it becomes more tacky and sticky than the Fix+ which is exactly what we want so foundation can sick to our skin and stay perfectly in place all day. This spray can also be used as a refreshing spray throughout the day to give your makeup a little touch up if you feel like it but I usually rarely feel the need to do that.

Price: 9990Ft Order here 

3. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Unfortunately primers are not so common in the drugstores yet, but Maybelline’s baby skin has been around for quite a while. This product is see-through and has a gel-like texture with a siloconey feel which is perfect for the t-zone to fill in any pores and completely even out the skin. It’s a great affordable option that doesn’t feel too heavy, but I definitely would keep it in porous areas of the face opposed to covering the whole face with it to achieve the most even skin.

Price: 2199Ft Order here

4. Mac Soft Ochre Paint Pot

When it comes to primers, it doesn’t stop at the face. To me personally, eyeshadow primers are more important than face or any other primers because I feel like without a proper primer shadows just don’t perform as well let alone last as long as they should whereas I never really had a problem applying foundation to bare face. Mac’s paint pots are cream shadows technically not primers, but as you probably have seen from various makeup influencers it does a great job at priming your lids. I have been using the shade soft ochre on my lids every single time I do my makeup for the past almost two years, and I never want to stop. The shadow has a thick texture that provides full coverage to hide any discoloration or veins on the eyelids and fully sets in a few seconds. Soft ochre is a slightly yellow undertoned shade that matches a lot of skin types buti f you happen to have more pinky undertone then try the Painterly paint pot instead. As with any eyeshadow primer, it is vital to set it with a powder or a skin colour eyeshadow as the eyeshadows will not blend over a cream base. Once you set it, everything will go on beautifully, much more pigmented as the colours will show up much better than on a bare eyelid, and your makeup will last all day and all night. There were nights after parties when I didn’t have the strength to wash my makeup off (I know it’s really bad for your skin) but in the morning my eyeshadow still looked amazing, as if I just did my makeup. It’s a great product to invest in and it will last year more than a year even if you use it everyday!

Price: 6900Ft Order here

5. NYX Glitter Primer

This NYX product is great for glitters, pigments and basically any regular eyeshadows. I personally use it to carve out my lid in a cut-crease style, giving my lid colour a secure, tacky base that not only helps you to place the shadow precisely but its color will be much more vibrant and true to colour. Many people compare it o the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is hard to get hold of here in Hungary, so I thought I would try the more affordable and accessible alternative. I wasn’t disappointed!

Price:  around 2900Ft

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